Essential oils are one of my passions – as anyone who knows me will testify to!

I was first introduced to essential oils during my first few weeks in Australia. Despite having suffered from sporadic migraines since I was a teenager, the first few weeks in Australia brought whole new levels of pain and inability to do anything! I’m not exactly sure what caused me to have an entre week where I was immobilised migraines, but I know the heat and humidity were contributing factors.No paracetamol worked, and I had had enough. I was only three weeks in to the adventure I had been looking forward to for a whole year, but I had decided to come home. The pain was unbearable, and I had to find the security of England – and its rain! That was until I stumbled across an alternative health centre, which claimed to be able to heal ailments like migraines. I was curious and excited, but I still went in with some apprehension and skepticism.

I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Shaun, who was a spiritual healer. Our chat led to him introducing me to the power of essential oils, and he advised me to try a bottle of M-Grain, an essential oil blend, produced by Young Living, designed specifically for the treatment and prevention of migraines. So I tried it! As instructed, I put 5 drops in my hair every morning. Guess what? No more migraines! I’d also fallen a little bit in love – with the oils, not with Shaun!

Since then I have been using countless Young Living essential oils to treat anything and everything from depression, earache, headaches, fatigue and tight muscles, to anger, anxiety, low self-esteem and stress.

They truly are miracles in a bottle and, as the advertising campaign should go: “There’s an oil for that!”

Get in touch for more information on the power of essential oils.

David x

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