Balance is an important part of life. If something feels like it’s gone wrong in your life, if you’re feeling down, if you’ve lost confidence in yourself, it probable equates to one or more things having become out of balance.

There are many aspects of ourselves that can be presented as varying degrees along a scale.

Emotions are important examples that can be considered in this way. Anger and peace, for example, could be two ends of one such continuum. At any given moment, your feelings will lie at a certain point along this arbitrary line. Clearly, in this case it is more preferable to be towards the ‘peace’ end of the spectrum, so the ‘happy medium’ would be skewed off-centre and away from anger in this example.

Feelings of peace are desirable for living a healthy and happy life. There are also times when, if channelled in the right way, anger can be very useful; anger drives us to make changes. Equally, there are times where ‘negative’ emotions such as anger, anxiety and fear, are not useful and can cause us problems, particularly when the feeling is prolonged or deep-seated. If these emotions are not dealt with effectively, they can build up inside you, until a moment arrives in which you explode at something, or someone. Peace is therefore compromised because there is an imbalance on the scale – the position of the point at which your feelings lie on the anger-peace scale veers towards the ‘anger’ end; you are, on this scale at least, of balance.

I will be looking in more depth at emotions in an upcoming post, but for now try this: if you’re not feeling on top form, ask yourself two questions. Firstly, what is it that is out of balance here? Secondly, what can I do to restore balance to my system?

Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

David x


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