Grounding is something that is close to my heart (and, yes, my feet!). It is one of the most important things for me to do – especially when I’m thinking or worrying too much, or if I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Grounding can take many forms; the most effective way, I have found, is to physically connect to the earth. This means taking your shoes and socks off and slapping your bare feet onto grass, a tree, sand or, if you really want to, mud! Other grounding things are to have a cold shower/bath, and get in the sea – even if it’s just for a paddle. And if you want to supercharge your grounding experience, you could visualise roots going down from your feet and digging down into the earth.

Grounding has a similar effect to acceptance; it is balancing, calming and centring, and is always a great starting point – whether it be to set you up for the day, to give you a base from which to consider your career, bring you back down to earth after a hard day at work, or to help you to be in the best frame of kind to deal with any problem you may be having.

Get out there, and if you’re going to be throwing mud pies around I want pictorial (or, preferably, video) evidence!

David x


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