Here’s a poem I wrote that I wanted to share:

The chains that restrain you and make you feel down,

The ones that take over and force you to frown;

Some you can identify, some you can’t,

When you think they’re there forever, know that they aren’t…

When you acknowledge the chains – it’s hard, I know,

They’ll loosen their grip and let you grow;

When you understand why they’re there at all,

You’ll realise right then they don’t want you to fall…

When you’re kind to the chains and focus on peace,

They’ll reward your compassion and you’ll feel them release;

The strain will be gone and you’ll be free to be free,

Like a bird in the air, soaring  over a tree…

It’s scary to think of yourself with no chains,

But without them to drain you you’ll have control of the reigns.

Love will flow in the spaces they leave,

And you’ll find out what magic life’s got up it’s sleeve.

David x


2 thoughts on “Poem: Chains

  1. OK, so this poem is beautiful and definitely hit home with me – then I sawv you wrote it yourself! I’m sure many will agree that we can all identify with feeling mentally caged at times! I look forward to reading more…


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