Yoga is my latest (although not particularly new in my life) passion; I’ve done it six times a week most weeks for the last while, and I’m reaping the benefits! I’d like to share my experiences with you.

First of all, yoga is definitely not “just stretching”! There are so many different types of yoga that it becomes hard to define. The best definition of the word that I can come up with (based on what I’ve read by experts and on my own experience) is that it means ‘union’ – it helps to unite me with the best version of myself!

Body-wise I tend to use yoga as an aerobic workout as well as strengthening and stretching. Most of the yoga I do is Kundalini and/or Hatha. Hatha is the most well-known (in the West at least) form and is based around holding particular poses and/or flowing between them. Kundalini is more of a spiritual yoga and helps to bring out your Kundalini – or life – energy.

The combination of these two types, I have found, offer me the following benefits:

  • Centring and grounding – I feel much more centred, grounded and calm, and an overall sense of peace and confidence.
  • Flexibility – my mind and body have become more flexible. It’s satisfying when I get deeper into poses than I’ve done in the past!
  • Strength – yoga uses the weight of the body in various positions to develop strength – this, combined with the flexibility that also comes with yoga, leaves my muscles feeling relaxed, strong, warm and supple.
  • Stress-relief – like any form of exercise, it’s a great way to release stress that’s held in the body.
  • Energy – I have more energy than I’ve had in the past, and a more constant energy. I tend not to have ‘lulls’ in energy in the afternoon – I have a good, even amount of energy to carry me through each day.
  • Authenticity – I feel more authentic because it’s one of my times to really connect with myself.
  • Achievement – when I’ve done one Kundalini workout in particular I feel a massive sense of pride – because it’s hard! You shouldn’t hurt yourself with yoga, but if you can challenge yourself to healthy levels, there’s a large dose of pride waiting for you at the end of your session!

I’ll be writing more about yoga in the future I’m sure, but that’s hopefully enough to inspire you to at least think about doing yoga if you don’t already!

David x


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