This is the first post of the re-launch of my blog and I’m excited to be back! I’ve been thinking for a while about the importance of this first post and I wanted to make it something that will captivate and inspire beyond belief. So here it is!

…Whilst struggling to think of the ‘perfect’ post, I learned an important lesson:

‘to begin, begin’ (from the aptly named William Wordsworth).

I learned that the first step is the most important – without it, nothing can happen. NOTHING! It sounds simple, but often the most profound things in life are. Over-thinking things usually isn’t productive!

So this post is my ‘first step’, my beginning, my way of setting the ball rolling. I don’t know precisely which direction the blog will head off in, but I know that I’ve now taken the step that makes all other steps possible. Knowing you’ve set yourself off on an amazing journey is extremely satisfying!

What’s your first step going to be today?

David x


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