When it dawns on you, this frightening terror,

And wherever you turn you’ll be making an error,

And it runs through your body and across your face,

You’ll be stumbling and falling, falling from grace.

Your calm goes out of the window – and door,

And what’s left are the bits of a big jigsaw

All laid out before you, and the stage is set

For self-destruction to leave you in a happiness debt.

Chaos is there with a front row seat,

Bringing you down, turning up the heat;

The fear is rising, it’s rearing its head,

And it’s bursting with pain, all angry and red.

It consumes you, takes over, and even though you try,

It’s all just too much so you do nothing but cry.

And you feel you’ve had more than enough,

You simply can’t carry any more stuff.

But what if it’s all just a challenge, a test,

And really it’s perfect when you thought it was messed?

What if it makes you much wiser and strong,

And everything was okay, all along?

What if you find the courage to let it be as it is,

And watch it drift past with a gentle fizz?

What if you realised your deepest pain,

Is the source of all you’d ever want to gain?

Imagine a world with no challenge in sight;

You’d never be happy, despite thinking you might.

Within all the pain, the hate and the doubt,

Is a joy that’s so strong, waiting to come out.

Know that it’s there – it’s always been inside you,

The answers are coming and soon you’ll feel new,

We’re always just right, wherever we are,

And you’ll shine bright once again, bright like a star!


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