A few months ago, I moved from the bright lights of London back to the…dimmer lights of Lancashire! I spent a total of around three full days organising my bedroom/study: taking out anything that isn’t helpful or important, and organising what is.
The result of this was that a) I felt calmer and clearer and b) I knew (and still know) where everything (that’s important) is! Both of these points feed each other. As we all know, anything that can save us as teachers a few hours, minutes or even seconds can only be a good thing. Knowing where all my pens are (separated into different types – I really went to town on this!), where my journal is, where my hole punch is, sounds simple – and maybe it is – but it’s quite a new and exciting discovery for me!
So now I know that everything is organised and easily accessible, precious minutes and seconds can be saved, and stress levels driven down. All I needed to do is keep everything organised once I started the job… An upcoming post will tell you about that!

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